GardePro Cellular Trail Camera X60P Freedom Unlocked SIM-free With Rechargeable Battery

  • 8000mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack
  • Suppport Your Own Sim Card
  • 4G LTE Cellular Network
  • 640×360P @2 fps lite video preview
  • 0.1s Fast Trigger Speed
  • 120° Wide Detection Angle
  • 100ft / 30m Night Vision Distance
  • 48MP Image
  • GardePro App
  • 1296P HD Video With Sound
  • 940nm No Glow IR LEDs
  • Built-in 2.4-inch Color Screen
$196.00 USD

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Meet GardePro Cellular Trail Camera X60P Freedom

Experience unrivaled battery life with GardePro Cellular Trail Camera X60P’s rechargeable lithium pack, saving you time and resources. Effortlessly connect to the robust LET 4G network with the built-in SIM card. Monitor wildlife, track game activities, or conduct remote surveillance anywhere. Let the GardePro X60P handle the groundwork while you analyze captivating photos and videos. This exceptional camera and its rechargeable lithium battery pack offer unmatched convenience, efficiency, and remote access, making it indispensable for diverse remote monitoring and data collection.

I Love the Lite Video Feature

Now, I love this feature about GardePro. It makes them stand out and stand above most all other cellcam manufacturers. In fact, most name brand manufacturers make you request the video, or if they give you a preview, it's just maybe a 3 picture burst of the preview. GardePro's preview allows you to preview the entire video and allows you to know for sure whether you want to download or request a download of that video.

Auto-Connect to the Best 4G LTE Network

The GardePro X60P cellular trail camera has the ability to automatically connect to the strongest 4G LTE network available. The camera is also able to send photos to your mobile phone either in real-time or at regular intervals.

  • 4G LTE Network

Freely Choose Your Mobile Data Service Provider

GardePro Cellular Trail Camera X60P Freedom Unlocked SIM-free With Rechargeable Battery allows you to use a local SIM card and connect to a cellular network so that you can send photos and videos to the Internet through the mobile network. This means you don't have to sign up for the GardePro Data Plan, which saves you money in the long run. With the GardePro app, you can easily view the amazing photos and videos captured by your camera no matter where you are.

  • Cellular communication module with one SIM card slot
  • Free choice of local mobile data service provider
  • Freedom to control mobile data tariffs
Instantly Capture the Action

Integrate 3 PIR Sensors

The GardePro X60P includes 3 PIR sensors that enhance its capture speed.If an animal enters the central view from either side, the trigger speed can be as fast as 0.1 seconds. The camera detects at a 120-degree angle, with 60 degrees in the center and 30 degrees on each side, using both side PIRs.

  • 0.1s Fast Trigger Speed
  • 0.5s Recovery Time
  • Wide 120° Detection Angle
  • 85ft/27m Detection Distance

Water Proof IP66

Experience Nature's Wonders, Come Rain or Shine, with the GardePro trail camera featuring a remarkable waterproof rating of IP66. This extraordinary camera allows you to uncover the hidden treasures of the outdoors while ensuring unparalleled protection against water and moisture..

Super Easy Setup

Camera offers an exceptional user experience with its easy setup process and convenient features. The built-in 2.4-inch color screen simplifies camera configuration and image viewing, while the support for standard memory cards with a maximum capacity of 512GB ensures that you can capture and store a significant amount of high-quality footage.

  • Built-in 2.4-inch Color Screen
  • Built-in 32GB Memory SD Card

2 Power Supply Methods

Rechargeable Lithium Battery Due to transportation issues,  batteries cannot be purchased individually.  When purchasing a camera, please  consider buying an additional battery kit.

A DC 12V input (plug:5.5x2.1mm)conveniently located at the bottom of the camera.With the DC 12V input, you can connect the camera to an external power source, whether it be an external AC power supply or a solar panel.

Rechargeable Lithium Battery

  • Capacity:8000 mAh
  • Limited Charge Voltage:5.0 V
  • Output Voltage: 12V
  • Type-C Charging Cable(included)

Capture Thrills Without Breaking Bank with GardePro's Lite Video

With GardePro's Lite Video function, you can capture every thrilling moment without breaking the bank. Our innovative 640×360P @2 fps video quality ensures that you don't miss a single detail, and it comes included with all our data plans. Plus, if you're a fan of high-definition video content, you can easily download it as well.

  • 640×360P @2 fps lite video
  • Included with all GardePro data plans

Never Miss A Wonderful Moment

The X60P trail camera is all set with a top-notch F=1.6 optics lens and a wide-angle FOV of 70 degrees. With its 1 through 3 shooting numbers, you can be sure to capture all the thrilling moments without missing a beat.

  • 48MP Image
  • 70° FOV
  • Focal Length:6.0mm
  • Min.Object Dimension : 6ft/2 m
  • Aperture: F1.6
  • 0.1s Fast Trigger Speed
  • Shooting Numbers:1~3
  • Shutter speed : Dynamically adjusted according to brightness, 1/50000s-1/30s
Never miss a moment,day or night

Capture Every Great Detail

X60P's high-quality lens ensures clear and crisp photos and videos every time, capturing all the details of your outdoor adventures with stunning clarity.

  • 48MP Image
  • 1296P HD Video With Sound
  • 70° FOV
  • Video Length:3sec ~ 5min.
Monitor Your Hunting Grounds at Night

Unbeatable Night Vision

Featuring self-adaptive illumination technology and , the camera can automatically adjust the power of infrared LEDs according to the distance of the animal, avoiding overexposure at close range and overdarkness at long distance.

  • 940nm No Glow IR LEDs
  • 100ft / 30m Night Vision Distance
  • Smart Night Vision Algorithm
  • 75% Save Battery Power

GardePro App

With the GardePro App, you can easily manage your GardePro cellular camera and access the latest photos and videos taken by your camera from anywhere, at any time.

  • Alerts: Get notified when new photos and videos are available.
  • Data Plan Management: Easily manage your data plan.
  • Multiple Camera Management: Control multiple cameras from one place.
  • Remote Camera Setup: Set shooting mode, detection settings, and more.
  • Photo and Video Transfer: Download your favorite HD photos and videos.
  • Video Preview: Enjoy a 640x360P @2 fps lite video preview with all plans.

3 Shooting Modes

Motion Detection : Capture images or videos when the camera detects any movement within its field of view.

Time-lapse : Capture images or videos at predefined intervals over a specific period.

Hybrid : Motion Detection+Time-lapse, Combine the features of both motion detection and time-lapse.

In the box

1 x X60P Freedom Trail Camera

1 x Mounting Strap

1 x Mini-USB Cord

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Antenna

1 x USB C Famle To USB Male Adapter

1 x Mini-USB Cord

1 x LIthinium-ion Battery Pack(pre-installed)

* AC Power Adapter (Purchase Optional)
* Solar Panel (Purchase Optional)
* More Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack(Purchase Optional)

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1 Year + 1 Year (GardePro Shop Exclusive Offer) WARRANTY

Questions & Answers

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  • wie lange hält die Batterie ungefähr?

    Die Batterielebensdauer unserer GardePro-Kameras hängt von der Verwendung ab. Unter normalen Bedingungen kann die Batterie tagsüber etwa 13 Stunden halten. Allerdings verkürzt sich die Betriebsdauer nachts, da die Infrarot-Nachtsicht aktiviert wird, und in diesem Fall kann die Batterie etwa 6 Stunden durchhalten.

  • Can Telnyx sim card provider which uses all carriers (att, tmobile, verizon) be used in this camera?

    GardePro Cellular Trail Cameras Freedom allows you to use your own SIM card. Telnyx Sim is also supported. But German Super Sim does not support it.

  • Hola buenas, queria saber si esta misma X60 tienen la version libre es decir sin plan de datos.... Me compro una SIM y que me las envíe a traves de la APP. Saludos.

    Hello, GardePro Cellular Trail Camera X60P Freedom does not include our SIM card, so you don't need to buy a data plan. But you need to use your own SIM card, transferring pictures/videos will consume your SIM card's traffic. Thank you.
    Hola, GardePro Cellular Trail Camera X60P Freedom no incluye nuestra tarjeta SIM, por lo que no necesita comprar un plan de datos. Pero necesita usar su propia tarjeta SIM, la transferencia de fotos/videos consumirá el tráfico de su tarjeta SIM. Gracias.