Data Plans For GardePro Cellular Trail Cameras

*Paid annually one-time. No activation fees. One plan per camera.



($5.6/Month Saving 20.00%)

500 Photos /Month OR

5,000 Lite Video(sec.)/Month



($8.00/Month Saving 20.00%)

1,500 Photos /Month OR

15,000 Lite Video(sec.)/Month



($12.00/Month Saving 20.00%)

Unlimited Photos /Month OR 

Unlimited Lite Video(sec.)/Month

Additional Data Packages


50HD Photos/year
or 250 Photos/month


200 HD Video (sec.) /year


60 Min./Year

Remote Firmware Upgrade

In the GardePro app,you can check the camera's status, including signal strength,battery level, SD card usage, temperature, and more. Additionally you can perform remote ubdates for your camera firmware.

  • Remote SD card formatting
  • Remote camera firmware updates

Capture Thrills Without Breaking Bank with GardePro's Lite Video

With GardePro's Lite Video function, you can capture every thrilling moment without breaking the bank. Our innovative 640×360P @2 fps video quality ensures that you don't miss a single detail, and it comes included with all our data plans. Plus, if you're a fan of high-definition video content, you can easily download it as well.

  • 640×360P @2 fps lite video
  • Included with all GardePro data plans

I Love the Lite Video Feature

Now, I love this feature about GardePro. It makes them stand out and stand above most all other cellcam manufacturers. In fact, most name brand manufacturers make you request the video, or if they give you a preview, it's just maybe a 3 picture burst of the preview. GardePro's preview allows you to preview the entire video and allows you to know for sure whether you want to download or request a download of that video.