Many issues with trail cameras can be resolved by following these trouble shooting steps:

1.Replace all batteries.

Replace all 1.5V 8*AA non-rechargeable batteries with a premium brand.

2.Format the SD card in the camera.

Make sure to back up your photos and videos before formatting your SD card using the GardePro camera.

3.Use a new SD card.

If the formatting does not resolve your issue, try using San Disk Brand SD C10 U1 Cards (up to 512GB Capacity). Does NOT RECOMMEND the use of Micro SDs or SD Adapters.
Keep your SD card in good condition by reformatting it regularly. This will erase all of your media, so be sure to save it first.

4.Reset your cellular camera.

Reset your cellular camera and check if the three icons are normal. When the 4G icon displays as a question mark, please press the downward button every minute and keep the camera screen illuminated for 10 minutes. This will allow the camera's SIM card ample time to search for a network.If you come across any issues while activating the camera, kindly capture four photos for us. These should include one of the camera's main interface and three showing Cellular Info details.

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