SIM card setup instruction of GardePro Cellular Trailcam(freedom version)

Support Your Own Sim Card.

GardePro 4G Cellular LTE Trail Camera Setup and Activation


 1. Power Supply Options:

Ensuring a reliable power source for your camera is crucial for uninterrupted operation. We offer you multiple power supply options to suit your needs:

  • 8 AA Batteries: The camera can be powered by 8 AA batteries, providing a convenient and portable energy source. We recommend using high-quality, non-rechargeable AA batteries for optimal performance. It's a good practice to keep spare batteries on hand to avoid downtime.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery: For a more eco-friendly and cost-effective solution, consider using a rechargeable lithium battery. These batteries can be recharged multiple times, reducing waste and saving you money in the long run. Ensure the lithium battery is fully charged before use for extended runtime.
  • 12V AC Power Adapter: If you prefer a continuous and hassle-free power supply, the 12V AC Power Adapter is an ideal choice. Simply plug it into a suitable power outlet, and your camera will have a stable power source, ensuring 24/7 monitoring.


2. SIM Card Configuration:


For seamless connectivity and functionality, please pay attention to the following SIM card configurations:
  • Network Compatibility: Ensure that your SIM card supports 4G and 4G LTE cellular networks to maximize the camera's capabilities.
  • Sufficient Credit: Verify that your SIM card has sufficient credit to maintain network connectivity. Running out of credit can disrupt your camera's operation.
  • Disable PIN Code: Especially for French users, it's advisable to disable the PIN code on your SIM card to avoid any authentication issues. This can usually be done through your phone's settings or by contacting your SIM card service provider.
  • APN Settings: Query the Access Point Name (APN) settings for your SIM card. You can do this by either accessing your service provider's website for internet settings or contacting their customer service for assistance. Correct APN settings are crucial for data connectivity.


3. SD Card Usage and Maintenance:


Your camera's SD card is essential for storing media, so here are some important considerations:
  • Memory Card (Not Included): We recommend using SanDisk brand SD C10 U1 cards with capacities of up to 512GB. SanDisk cards are known for their reliability and compatibility with our camera. Avoid using Micro SD cards or SD card adapters, as they may not work seamlessly.
  • Regular Reformatting: To maintain your SD card's performance and longevity, it's essential to regularly reformat it. Remember that reformatting will erase all data on the card, so be sure to save your media files elsewhere before doing so. This practice helps prevent data corruption and ensures smooth camera operation.


4. Troubleshooting and Support:

In the event that you encounter any issues during the activation process or while using your camera, we are here to assist you. Please follow these steps:
Capture four photos:
A clear photo of the camera's main interface.
Three photos of the Cellular Info screen, displaying relevant information.
Send these photos to our dedicated support email address:

Our support team will promptly review the photos and provide the necessary assistance to address any problems you may be facing. Your satisfaction and the proper functioning of your camera are our top priorities.

Thank you for choosing our product, and we hope this comprehensive information helps you make the most of your GardePro camera. Should you have any further questions or require additional guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


2023 New Launch GardePro Cellular Trail Camera X60P

Experience unrivaled battery life with GardePro Cellular Trail Camera X60P’s rechargeable lithium pack, saving you time and resources. Effortlessly connect to the robust LET 4G network with the built-in SIM card. Monitor wildlife, track game activities, or conduct remote surveillance anywhere. Let the GardePro X60P handle the groundwork while you analyze captivating photos and videos. This exceptional camera and its rechargeable lithium battery pack offer unmatched convenience, efficiency, and remote access, making it indispensable for diverse remote monitoring and data collection.

8000mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack

GardePro Cellular Trail Camera X60P is equipped with 8000mAh rechargeable lithium battery pack, which can prolong the working event of the camera without frequent replacement of AA disposable batteries.

Auto-Connect to the Best LTE Network

The GardePro X60P cellular trail camera has the ability to automatically connect to the strongest LTE network available. This feature allows for flexible and cost-effective data plans. The camera is also able to send photos to your mobile phone either in real-time or at regular intervals.

Integrate 3 PIR Sensors

The GardePro X60P includes 3 PIR sensors that enhance its capture speed.If an animal enters the central view from either side, the trigger speed can be as fast as 0.1 seconds. The camera detects at a 120-degree angle, with 60 degrees in the center and 30 degrees on each side, using both side PIRs.

Never Miss A Wonderful Moment

The X60P trail camera is all set with a top-notch F=1.6 optics lens and a wide-angle FOV of 70 degrees. With its 1 through 3 shooting numbers, you can be sure to capture all the thrilling moments without missing a beat.

Capture Every Great Detail

X60P's high-quality lens ensures clear and crisp photos and videos every time, capturing all the details of your outdoor adventures with stunning clarity.

Unbeatable Night Vision

Featuring self-adaptive illumination technology and , the camera can automatically adjust the power of infrared LEDs according to the distance of the animal, avoiding overexposure at close range and overdarkness at long distance.

Super Easy Setup

Camera offers an exceptional user experience with its easy setup process and convenient features. The built-in 2.4-inch color screen simplifies camera configuration and image viewing, while the support for standard memory cards with a maximum capacity of 512GB ensures that you can capture and store a significant amount of high-quality footage.

Water Proof IP66

Experience Nature's Wonders, Come Rain or Shine, with the GardePro trail camera featuring a remarkable waterproof rating of IP66. This extraordinary camera allows you to uncover the hidden treasures of the outdoors while ensuring unparalleled protection against water and moisture.