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About Us

Introducing GardePro: Innovators in Trail Camera Technology


GardePro has solidified its position as a leading enterprise dedicated to providing high-quality Trail Camera products and professional solutions for global users. Since its inception in 2015, GardePro has remained committed to relentless innovation, aiming to create safe and intelligent living experiences for customers worldwide.


Technological Advantages: GardePro's Commitment to Excellence


At the heart of GardePro's success lies its exceptional R&D capability and leading-edge technology. With a passionate and talented team dedicated to innovation, GardePro boasts over 100 domestic and international patents and more than 50 software copyrights, underscoring its position as a trailblazer in the field.


Products and Services: GardePro's Globally Renowned Offerings


GardePro's products have garnered praise both domestically and internationally, with distribution in over 20 countries. Offering solutions for various application scenarios, including home security and commercial monitoring, GardePro ensures a comprehensive selection to meet diverse needs. Tailored solutions guarantee customer satisfaction and an unmatched service experience.


Global Office and Warehousing Network: Supporting Global Operations


With modern office facilities strategically located in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Dongguan, GardePro ensures efficient management and operational bases. Furthermore, its global warehouse network spanning Hong Kong, Shenzhen, the United States, Germany, and beyond facilitates seamless supply chain operations and efficient shipping services worldwide.


Customized Solutions: GardePro's Dedication to Tailored Services


In addition to its commitment to product innovation and quality, GardePro offers professional customized solution services to customers. By closely collaborating with clients, GardePro ensures the delivery of tailored security solutions that meet specific requirements and exceed expectations.


GardePro's Trail Camera Innovations: A Journey of Excellence


GardePro's journey in Trail Camera technology began with the groundbreaking release of the first-generation GardePro stand-alone Trail Camera A1 in 2015. This innovative product quickly gained traction among outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife photographers, setting new standards in image and video quality.


Advancing Technology: GardePro's Trail Camera Evolution


Building upon the success of the A1, GardePro continued to innovate. In 2018, the introduction of the GardePro Wifi Trail Camera E1 revolutionized the industry with built-in wifi and bluetooth capabilities for seamless photo and video transmission. This advancement simplified the process of capturing and sharing outdoor moments.


The Future of Trail Cameras: GardePro's Latest Breakthrough


In 2024, GardePro unveiled its latest innovation, the Cellular Trail Camera X60PLMB. Its standout feature lies in its capacity to offer real-time viewing functionality. This means that even in outdoor environments lacking power sources or WiFi networks, users can effortlessly monitor the camera's footage at any given moment through the GardePro App. With the presence of cellular network coverage at the camera's location (accompanied by a preinstalled contract SIM), along with the integration of a solar panel and an internal 8000mAh lithium battery, continuous real-time monitoring for multiple days becomes achievable without the necessity of physically visiting the site.


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