GardePro App for Cellular Trail Camera

Experience the ultimate convenience and control with GardePro's Cellular and WiFi Trail Cameras. Seamlessly connect to the GardePro App and effortlessly access your camera's photos and videos, directly from your phone or tablets . With the app's user-friendly interface, you can easily download your favorite moments and customize your camera's settings to capture the perfect shot every time.

Effortlessly Manage Multiple Trail Cameras

You can effortlessly oversee multiple GardePro Cellular and WiFi Trail Cameras, all under one convenient platform. Whether you're managing a few cameras or less than 100, our app simplifies the process and puts you in control. Manage stress-free with GardePro, no more complex setups.

Know What Gardepro Cellular Trail Camera Has Captured Anytime, Anywhere

With the ability to automatically connect to multiple 4G cellular networks, you'll never miss a moment of action. Our camera sends the photos and videos it captures straight to the Amazon cloud, so you can access them on your phone via the GardePro App. Plus, with real-time alerts and the ability to download your favorite HD media, you'll always be in control.

  • Alerts: Get notified when new photos and videos are available.
  • Photo and Video Transfer: Download your favorite HD photos and videos.
  • Transfer on Each Capture:Enable instant photo transfer on GardePro cellular trail camera for real-time monitoring, but beware of battery drain during frequent uploads.

Affordable Video Preview for Thrilling Captures

With GardePro's Lite Video function, you can capture every thrilling moment without breaking the bank. Our innovative 640×360P @2 fps video preview ensures that you don't miss a single detail, and it comes included with all our data plans. Plus, if you're a fan of high-definition video content, you can easily download it as well.

  • 640×360P @2 fps lite video for video preview.
  • Included with all GardePro data plans.

Manage Your Data Plan

You have the flexibility to switch between different data plans at any time to cater to your specific photo and video shooting needs throughout the hunting season. Additionally, you can opt for an annual payment plan and enjoy savings of up to 20%.



($5.6/Month Saving 20.00%)

500 Photos /Month OR

5,000 Lite Video(sec.)/Month



($8.00/Month Saving 20.00%)

1,500 Photos /Month OR

15,000 Lite Video(sec.)/Month



($12.00/Month Saving 20.00%)

Unlimited Photos /Month OR 

Unlimited Lite Video(sec.)/Month

Verify Your Trail Camera's Status

With the GardePro App, you can easily check the signal,power status, SD card storage, and other vital information of your trail camera.

Set Up Your Gardepro Cellular Trail Cameras

With GardePro App, you have the flexibility to adjust your camera settings anytime, anywhere.You can update the firmware wirelessly straight from the GardePro App, meaning you won't need to physically access the camera and load firmware onto an SD card to perform the upgrade.

  • 3Shooting Modes:1. motion detection 2. time-lapse shooting modes3.motion detection and time-lapse shooting modes.
  • Photo and Video Settings:Fine-tune your photo and video settings, including quality and duration.
  • Detection Settings:Customize detection settings like delay and PIR sensor sensitivity for the perfect shot.
  • Firmware upgrade: The remote can choose whether to upgrade the camera firmware.

How to Connect GardePro Cellular Trail Cameras

1. Create your GardePro App account
2. Turn on your phone's Mobile Network or WiFi
3. Connect your GardePro Cellular Trail Camera

I Love the Lite Video Feature

Now, I love this feature about GardePro. It makes them stand out and stand above most all other cellcam manufacturers. In fact, most name brand manufacturers make you request the video, or if they give you a preview, it's just maybe a 3 picture burst of the preview. GardePro's preview allows you to preview the entire video and allows you to know for sure whether you want to download or request a download of that video.