GardePro SP350 Solar Panel with Rechargeable Battery, 12V/1A, 9V/1.3A, 6V/2A, Plug 5.5x2.1mm/4.0x1.7mm for GardePro Trail Cameras E5, E5S, E6, E7, E8, E9, X50, X50MB, A3, A3S, A5, A5WF

$112.00 CAD

  • Battery Capacity - 5200mAh/3.7V. Solar Panel MAX. Output Power - 12W (12V/1A), Output Voltage - 6V, 9V or 12V, Output Current - 2A (6V), 1.3A (9V ), 1A (12V). Note: Select the appropriate output voltage according to camera requirements
  • Offers 2 Output Plugs (Size - 5.5 x 2.1mm and 4.0 x 1.7mm). Please select one for your need.
  • IP65 Waterproof: Water-Resistant. Product Dimensions: 6.89 x 5.79 x 1.09 inch.
  • Package includes: 1 x Solar Panel, 1 x DC output connector (4.0 x 1.7mm), 1 x DC output connector (5.5 x 2.1mm), 1 x Mounting Bracket, 3 x Screws, 1 x Instruction Manual
  • Compatible with GardePro Trail Cameras: GardePro E5, E5S, E6, E7, E8, E9, X50, X50MB, A3, A3S, A5. Please kindly be noted that the SP350 is NOT compatible with GardePro E6P, E8P, E8PWF, X50P.

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  • Do I need a rechargeable battery or will this solar panels run my x50 gradepro camra with regular batteries in it?

    Hi,good to answer your question.yes,the sp350 can support your x50 cam running for longtuime.