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GardePro X60PMB 2-Pack

Cellular Trail Camera

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  • 32G Built-in SD Memory Card
  • 8000mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack
  • Pre-installed Contract SIM Card
  • 4G LTE Cellular Network
  • 640×360p @2 fps Lite Video Preview
  • 0.1s Fast Trigger Speed
  • 120° Wide Detection Angle
  • 100ft / 30m Night Vision Distance
  • 48MP Image
  • GardePro App
  • 1296P HD Video With Sound
  • 940nm No Glow IR LEDs
  • Built-in 2.4-inch Color Screen

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GardePro Cellular Trail Cameras X60P Live Max Built in 32GB SD Card

Cellular Trail Camera X60PMB

GardePro, the industry leader in trail camera technology, is thrilled ,to announce its latest innovation for 2023 - the GardePro Cellular Trail Camera X60P Max. The X60P Max is set to redefine wildlife monitoring,  game tracking, and remote surveillance, combining cutting-edge features with unparalleled convenience, efficiency, eco-friendliness, low costs, and remote accessibility.

GardePro Cellular Trail Camera Lite video

Full Video Preview (Lite Video)

GardePro offers full video previews, unlike most cellcam brands that provide 3 picture burst GIF.

  • Full video previews @ 2 fps
  • Video Length: 3 sec ~ 5min.
  • Included with all GardePro data plans
GardePro Cellular Trail Cameras X60P Series LTE Network

Auto-Connect to the Best LTE Network

The GardePro X60PMB cellular trail camera has the ability to automatically connect to the strongest LTE network available. This feature allows for flexible and cost-effective data plans. The camera is also able to send photos to your mobile phone either in real-time or at regular intervals.

  • Pre-installed SIM
  • 4G LTE Network
  • United States:AT&T and T-Mobile
  • United Kingdom:O2 & Three & Vodafone
  • Canada: Bell Mobility & Rogers
  • Australia: Optus Mobile & Telstra Mobile
Built-In 32GB SD Card

Built-in 32GB Memory SD Card

The GardePro X60P Max comes with a built-in 32GB memory SD card, eliminating the need for additional purchases. Upon receiving the camera, you can start using it immediately, without the hassle of waiting for accessories like SD cards or batteries to arrive.

  • Built-in Disk Capacity : 31,264,309,248 bytes (29.1GB)
GardePro Cellular Trail Cameras X60P Series 3 PIR

Integrate 3 PIR Sensors

The GardePro X60PMB includes 3 PIR sensors that enhance its capture speed.If an animal enters the central view from either side, the trigger speed can be as fast as 0.1 seconds. The camera detects at a 120-degree angle, with 60 degrees in the center and 30 degrees on each side, using both side PIRs.

  • 0.1s Fast Trigger Speed
  • 0.5s Recovery Time
  • Wide 120° Detection Angle
  • 85ft/27m Detection Distance
GardePro Cellular Trail Cameras X60P Series Super Easy Set Up

Super Easy Setup

Camera offers an exceptional user experience with its easy setup process and convenient features. The built-in 2.4-inch color screen simplifies camera configuration and image viewing, while the support for standard memory cards with a maximum capacity of 512GB ensures that you can capture and store a significant amount of high-quality footage.

  • Built-in 2.4-inch Color Screen
  • Built-in 32GB Memory SD Card
GardePro Cellular Trail Cameras X60P Series WaterProof

Water Proof IP66

Experience Nature's Wonders, Come Rain or Shine, with the GardePro trail camera featuring a remarkable waterproof rating of IP66. This extraordinary camera allows you to uncover the hidden treasures of the outdoors while ensuring unparalleled protection against water and moisture..

3 shooting mode

  • Hybrid

    Motion Detection+Time-lapse, Combine the features of both motion detection and time-lapse.

  • GardePro Trail Camera Motion Detection Mode

    Motion Detection

    Capture images or videos when the camera detects any movement within its field of view.

  • GardePro Trail Camera Time-Lapse Mode


    Capture images or videos at predefined intervals over a specific period.

GardePro Cellular Trail Cameras X60P Series

Capture Every Great Detail

X60PMB's high-quality lens ensures clear and crisp photos and videos every time, capturing all the details of your outdoor adventures with stunning clarity.

  • 48MP Image
  • 1296P HD Video With Sound
  • 70° FOV
  • Video Length:3sec ~ 5min.
GardePro Cellular Trail Cameras X60P Series LTE Network

Unbeatable Night Vision

Featuring self-adaptive illumination technology and , the camera can automatically adjust the power of infrared LEDs according to the distance of the animal, avoiding overexposure at close range and overdarkness at long distance.

  • 940nm No Glow IR LEDs
  • 100ft / 30m Night Vision Distance
  • Smart Night Vision Algorithm
  • 75% Save Battery Power

3 Power Supply Methods

  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery

    • Capacity:8000 mAh
    • Limited Charge Voltage:5.0 V
    • Output Voltage: 12V
    • Type-C Charging Cable(included)
  • GardePro Cellular Trail Cameras X60P Series  with AC Adapter

    AC Adapter

    A DC 12V input (plug:5.5x2.1mm)conveniently located at the bottom of the camera.With the DC 12V input, you can connect the camera to an external power source, whether it be an external AC power supply or a solar panel.

  • GardePro Cellular Trail Cameras X60P Series  With Solar Panel

    Solar Panel

    • Solar Panel MAX. Output Power : 3.5W
    • Output Voltage : 6.6V
    • Max Output Current :0.53A
Photo and Video Transmission

Photo and Video Transfer

- View and manage photo and video galleries
- Enjoy full video previews (exclusive feature, unlike competitors)
- Request HD photos and videos

Effortless Camera Management

Multi-Device Supported

- Apple and Android smartphones, tablets, computers
- Alerts: Notify on new photos and videos.

GardePro APP Easy Set Up

Set up and Monitor Camera Status Easily

- Detailed cellular signal, battery, and SD card status

- Video and photo settings

- Adjustable PIR and motion detector sensitivity

GardePro Cellular Trail Cameras Data Plan And Management

Multi-Device Supported

- Apple and Android smartphones, tablets, computers
- Alerts: Notify on new photos and videos.

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GardePro Cellular Trail Cameras X60P Series

Data Plans For GardePro Cellular Trail Camera With Pre-Installed Contract Sim 


    $7/Month $67.2/Year

    ($5.6/Month Saving20.00%)

    500 Photos /Month OR

    5,000 Lite Video(sec.)/Month


    $10/Month $96/Year

    ($8.00/Month Saving 20.00%)

    1,500 Photos /Month OR

    15,000 Lite Video(sec.)/Month


    $15/Month $144/Year

    ($12.00/Month Saving 20.00%)

    Unlimited Photos /Month OR 

    Unlimited Lite Video(sec.)/Month

Additional Data Packages

  • GardePro Cellular Trail Camera


    50HD Photos/yearor 250 Photos/month

  • GardePro Cellular Trail Camera


    200 HD Video (sec.)/year

GardePro Cellular Trail Cameras X60P Series in the Box

In the box

1 x Trail Camera
1 x SIM Card
1 x Mounting Strap
1 x Mini-USB Cord
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Antenna
1 x USB C Famle To USB Male Adapter
1 x Mini-USB Cord
1 x LIthinium-ion Battery Pack (pre-installed)

* AC Power Adapter (Purchase Optional)
* Solar Panel (Purchase Optional)
* More Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack(Purchase Optional)

GardePro Cellular Trail Camera X60PMB Pre-Installed Contract SIM With Rechargeable Battery & 32G Built-in Memory SD Card 2-Pack

GardePro X60PMB 2-Pack

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