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Unveiling the Latest in Outdoor Surveillance Tech: GardePro Trail Camera's Showcase at SHOTSHOW 2024!

Unveiling the Latest in Outdoor Surveillance Tech: GardePro Trail Camera's Showcase at SHOTSHOW 2024!

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Trail cameras revolutionizing outdoor surveillance technology at SHOTSHOW 2024

The SHOTSHOW 2024 witnessed GardePro's remarkable unveiling of its latest trail cameras, igniting a revolution in outdoor surveillance technology. These cutting-edge cameras offer high-definition imaging, intelligent detection systems, and remote monitoring capabilities, empowering individuals and organizations to enhance their monitoring and security measures. In this article, we will dive into the highlights of GardePro's showcase at SHOTSHOW 2024, exploring the best trail camera options and revealing positive responses from attendees and industry experts. Get ready to discover the future of outdoor surveillance!

Part 1: GardePro's best trail camera 2024 new releases

GardePro released two highly anticipated trail camera models in 2024, debuting them at the prestigious SHOTSHOW. This section provides an in-depth exploration of these two models, uncovering the features that set them apart. Discover the significance of these cutting-edge devices in advancing the field of wildlife monitoring.

  1. The GardePro X60PLMB cellular trail camera with live stream

The X60PLMB is the latest addition to GardePro's range of products. In 2024,

this cellular trail camera shook the industry with its groundbreaking features. Let's examine the key features of this camera:

Live view:

Featuring a Live View function, the GardePro cellular trail camera X60PLMB enables real-time image transmission to users' devices via mobile data. Therefore, you can monitor wildlife activity effortlessly by accessing real-time images on your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are.

Auto-connect to the best LTE network:

This camera automatically connects to the strongest available LTE network and offers flexible and cost-effective data plans. You can receive photos on your mobile phone either in real-time or at intervals, ensuring you stay updated with all the action. Even in outdoor settings without power sources or WiFi networks, you can effortlessly monitor the camera's footage at any time through the GardePro App.

Built-in 32GB memory SD card:

There is no need to make further purchases since it comes with an integrated 32GB memory SD card. You won't have to wait around for anything. When you receive the camera‚ÄĒyou can use it straight away. The ample storage guarantees there's plenty of room to capture and store high-quality images and videos without interruption. ¬†

Integrate 3 PIR sensors:

The GardePro X60PLMB includes 3 PIR sensors that significantly enhance its capture speed. With a trigger speed as fast as 0.1 seconds, this camera ensures you never miss a moment. Using both side PIRs, it identifies at a 120-degree angle, with sixty degrees in the middle and 30 degrees on each side.  

Crystal clear image quality:

The camera boasts a 48MP resolution and a top-notch F=1.6 optics lens, and every detail is captured with stunning clarity. Its wide-angle FOV of 70 degrees ensures you never miss a moment, while the fast 0.1s trigger speed ensures you capture even the fastest wildlife action.

Revolutionary night vision:

Equipped with advanced self-adaptive illumination technology, the X60PLMB delivers unbeatable night vision performance. The 940nm No Glow IR LEDs provide a clear view up to 100ft/30m, while the smart night vision algorithm optimizes power usage, extending battery life by up to 75%.

  1. E9P trail camera: Versatile and User-Friendly

This WiFi-enabled device was the other recent release, presenting a significant turning point in the industry with its versatile connectivity options. Let's explore the key features of the GardePro WiFi trail camera E9P, which offers users new and exciting possibilities for wildlife monitoring.

Sony Starvis sensor:

With the E9P trail camera's Sony Starvis Sensor, you can capture high-resolution images and videos even in the darkest environments. Its superior low-light performance ensures sharp and clear results, giving you the advantage of capturing more and missing less.

Innovative WiFi connection:

The E9 trail camera offers an innovative Bluetooth pairing and WiFi connection for seamless access to photos and videos. Hence, there is no more hassle of removing the SD card to adjust camera settings. Just use Bluetooth to pair with your phone, and you can easily begin browsing your materials.

Excellent detection ability:

With a 0.1-second trigger speed, 0.5-second recovery time, 3 detection PIR sensors, and a detection angle of 120 degrees, the E9P camera is perfect for wildlife, deer, hunting, and game photography. It captures every movement with precision and speed.

Super easy setup:

The E9P camera features a 2.4-inch color screen and offers an exceptional user experience. The screen simplifies camera configuration and image viewing. At the same time, compatibility with standard memory cards up to 512GB ensures that you can capture and store a large amount of high-quality footage.

Live streaming:

The E9P trail camera's simple live-streaming function lets you share and enjoy your hunting adventures with loved ones. Whether you're broadcasting on YouTube Live, Facebook Live, or Twitch, this camera's high-quality image and video capabilities guarantee you won't miss a moment of the action.

GardePro App:

The GardePro App allows you to easily set up your trail camera, offering three modes: motion detection, time-lapse, and hybrid mode. You can customize your photo and video settings, control motion detection parameters, and effortlessly transfer photos and videos to your mobile device.

Part 2: GardePro trail camera sales at SHOTSHOW 2024

The SHOTSHOW is an annual trade show that brings together the shooting sports, hunting, combines, and firearm manufacturing industries. It is one of the most significant events in the world. The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the primary sponsor for this event. It showcases firearms, ammunition, law enforcement equipment, archery, cutlery, and related products and services. With attendees from all 50 states and over 100 countries, the SHOTSHOW presents a platform for unveiling new products and industry innovations.

GardePro at SHOTSHOW 2024

SHOTSHOW specials are unique products specifically designed to be offered to dealers at the annual SHOTSHOW. They serve hunting and shooting industry professionals and provide exclusive deals and opportunities for businesses. Amidst the plethora of products and innovations showcased at SHOTSHOW 2024, GardePro stood out as a trailblazer in the field of trail cameras. Committed to excellence and innovation, we unveiled our latest lineup of game cameras, setting a new standard for outdoor surveillance technology.

Let's examine the next section to find out how GardePro's presence at SHOTSHOW 2024 underscored its position as a leader in the outdoor surveillance industry.

Part 3: Positive feedback on trail cameras at SHOTSHOW 2024

At SHOTSHOW 2024, GardePro's trail cameras garnered widespread praise from attendees and industry experts. The amalgamation of sophisticated features like outstanding image quality, remote observation, and intuitive user interfaces profoundly affected the guests. The trail cameras' performance surpassed expectations, ensuring that no detail went unnoticed, even in challenging outdoor environments. Experts recognized the level of innovation and quality that GardePro brings to the outdoor surveillance industry, establishing them as a brand to watch out for.

Exceptional image quality and performance

GardePro's trail cameras received acclaim for their exceptional image quality and performance. Attendees marveled at the stunning images produced by GardePro's trail cameras, highlighting their effectiveness in wildlife monitoring and research. Features like 48MP high-resolution images, 0.1s fast trigger speeds, night vision, and more ensure that every moment is captured, even in the most dynamic outdoor settings.  

Seamless remote monitoring and user-friendly interfaces

Attendees were impressed by the ease of setup and operation, which allowed them to deploy the cameras quickly in various outdoor locations. The intuitive interface provided access to advanced settings and customization options, empowering users to tailor their surveillance experience according to their specific needs. Industry experts praised GardePro for prioritizing user experience and making advanced surveillance technology accessible to a wide range of users.

Recognition of innovation and quality

Attendees expressed confidence in GardePro's trail cameras, citing their durability, performance, and advanced features as key factors that set them apart from other offerings on the market. As a result, GardePro emerged as a frontrunner in the outdoor surveillance industry, poised to shape the future of wildlife monitoring and research.

Part 4: Exploring opportunities for collaboration and customization

As the excitement surrounding GardePro's trail cameras continues to surge post-SHOTSHOW 2024, the company is actively seeking distributors and partners to amplify its presence. Embracing a collaborative spirit, GardePro is also open to OEM and ODM customization options, aligning with its mission to provide tailored outdoor surveillance solutions.

Expanding distribution channels: Broadening access

GardePro recognizes the importance of strategic partnerships in reaching a wider audience. By collaborating with distributors and retailers, the company aims to make its trail cameras more readily available to consumers worldwide. This expansion of distribution channels not only facilitates market penetration but also ensures that outdoor enthusiasts and professionals have easy access to GardePro's innovative surveillance technology.

OEM and ODM customization: Tailoring solutions

Customization is essential to satisfying each customer's specific wants in a dynamic and diverse market. Beyond branding, GardePro's commitment to customization includes product improvements and special requirements. The company enables companies to co-create customized trail camera systems that precisely match their needs and goals by providing OEM and ODM services.


In conclusion, GardePro's trail cameras at SHOTSHOW 2024 epitomize innovation and excellence in outdoor surveillance technology. Whether you're a wildlife enthusiast, a security professional, or a nature lover, these cameras offer unmatched performance and reliability. Furthermore, they contain intelligent detection systems, remote monitoring capabilities, advanced stealth technology, and a user-friendly interface. Embrace the future of surveillance with GardePro's and witness the world through a new lens of clarity and precision.