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GardePro Cellular Trail Camera X50 vs. GardePro Wifi Trail Camera E8 : Which One Comes Out on Top?

GardePro Cellular Trail Camera X50  vs.  GardePro Wifi Trail Camera E8 : Which One Comes Out on Top?

Qingwen Jiang |


When it comes to choosing a trail camera, two popular options from GardePro are the Cellular Trail Camera X50 and the Wifi Trail Camera E8. Let's take a closer look at the features and benefits of each to see which one comes out on top.

What's the difference between Cellular Trail Camera  and Wifi Trail Camera?

A cellular trail camera and a WiFi trail camera are both used to remotely monitor wildlife or outdoor activities, but they operate in different ways.

  •  A cellular trail camera uses a cellular network to transmit photos or videos captured by the camera to a remote location, such as your smartphone or computer. These cameras require a cellular plan to function and are ideal for monitoring areas without WiFi or other internet connections.
  •  The WiFi trail camera, on the flip side, connects using Bluetooth and sends data through WiFi, allowing you to access photos and videos directly via the Gardepro Mobile App. You can even modify the camera's settings without taking out the SD card.These cameras do not require a cellular plan, but they do need to be within range of a WiFi network to function properly.


GardePro X50:

 Meet GardePro Cellular Trail Camera X50 The GardePro X50 is a new generation of 4G LTE cellular trail camera. The camera has a built-in cellular module, allows you remotely connect and operate the camera through a dedicated app (“GardePro Mobile”).  The camera will send pictures to cell phone according to the Transfer Schedule specified on the app.

  • The GardePro X50 is a cellular trail camera that allows you to remotely operate the camera using the dedicated "GardePro Mobile" app. With a built-in cellular module, you can program your camera via the app and receive pictures on your cell phone according to the Transfer Schedule specified. This camera also features the innovative and ultra-clear imaging technology, lite video technology, smart night vision, and more.
  • With a 32MP camera, 1080P 30fps video clips with audio, and a wide view angle of 70°, this camera captures high-quality photos and videos. It also has clear night vision with a flash range of 100ft, making it great for capturing footage in low-light conditions. The camera is equipped with 36 high-performance infrared no glow 940nm LEDs that function as a flash (invisible to the eyes).
  • The GardePro X50 has two working modes: motion detection and time-lapse. It also has a fast trigger time of approx. 0.1~0.6 seconds and a long trigger distance up to 90ft. Other features include an info strip on each capture, password protection, and loop recording.


GardePro E8:


  • The GardePro E8 trail camera, on the other hand, pairs easily via Bluetooth and transmits via WiFi, enabling direct access to photos and videos using the GardePro Mobile App. With a real-time viewing feature, you can see the area around you and any wildlife from far away (with the best WiFi signal at a range of 10-20ft/3-6m). This camera also captures stunningly clear 32-megapixel images and high-definition 1296p videos.
  • With the GardePro Mobile App, you can effortlessly manage cameras with live view, settings adjustment, and media management. The E8 also has a powerful external antenna that allows you to stay connected from up to 45ft away with high-speed transmission and stable WiFi connection. It has a waterproof and dust-resistant camera housing, making it perfect for outdoor activities. The E8 is also compact and sturdy, allowing you to capture all of life's moments in stunning detail.
So, which one comes out on top? It ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you want a cellular trail camera with a fast trigger time and a long trigger distance, the GardePro X50 is the better option. However, if you prefer a trail camera with WiFi capabilities and real-time viewing, the GardePro E8 is the way to go. Both cameras offer high-quality photos and videos, innovative features, and easy-to-use apps.