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How to doing time lapse on GardePro trail cameras?

How to doing time lapse on GardePro trail cameras?

Qingwen Jiang |

Time-lapse photography is taking the world by storm! People are absolutely crazy about it, and for good reason! It's the perfect way to witness the stunning behavior of wild animals and to learn about the various species that inhabit our beautiful planet. With time-lapse photography, we can all get closer to nature, observe its wonders, and truly appreciate the amazing world around us!

The best part about time-lapse photography is the way it captures the natural movements and changes that occur over time. It's truly breathtaking to see the gradual evolution of the world around us, and to witness the beauty of nature in all its glory.

If you're looking for some incredible time-lapse photography subjects, look no further than GardePro trail cameras! These cameras are perfect for capturing the most stunning and captivating footage of nature's wonders. From majestic animals in their natural habitats to the subtle changes in landscapes over time, GardePro trail cameras are the ideal tool for capturing it all.


Here are some suitable time-lapse photography subjects for GardePro trail cameras.

  • Changing seasons: Set up your camera to capture the changing colors of the leaves during the fall or the blooming of flowers in the spring.
  • Weather events: Capture the movement of clouds or the passing of a storm.
  • Wildlife: Set up your camera to capture the movements of animals as they move through their natural habitat. This could include birds, deer, bears, or other animals.
  • Growth and decay: Capture the growth of plants or the decay of natural materials such as fallen leaves or rotting logs.


To create a time-lapse video with a trail camera, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Choose a suitable location: Select a location that you want to capture with your trail camera. Look for a spot that has interesting activity, such as a feeding area or a trail frequently used by animals.
  • Set up the camera: Install your trail camera in the selected location. Make sure the camera is stable and secure, and adjust the settings to capture images at regular intervals.
  • Select time-lapse mode: Many trail cameras have a time-lapse mode, which allows you to capture images at regular intervals over a specified period. Enable this mode to ensure that your camera takes pictures automatically.
  • Set the interval: Choose a suitable interval for taking pictures. A common interval for time-lapse photography is every 10-30 seconds, but you may need to adjust this depending on the activity you are capturing.
  • Set the duration: Determine the duration of the time-lapse video you want to create. This will determine how long your trail camera needs to be set up. Keep in mind that longer durations may require more storage space on your camera.
  • Retrieve the images: Once the camera has taken all the images, retrieve them from the memory card and transfer them to your computer.
  • Create the time-lapse video: Use video editing software to create a time-lapse video from the images. Import the images into the software, adjust the frame rate, and add any necessary effects or transitions.
  • Export and share the video: Export the final video and share it with your audience. You can upload it to social media, video hosting platforms, or share it directly with friends and family.


GardePro Cellular Trail Camera X50

  • The GardePro Cellular Trail Camera X50 is an excellent option for time-lapse photography enthusiasts who are passionate about capturing stunning footage. This 4G LTE cellular trail camera is equipped with a built-in cellular module that enables remote operation through the "GardePro Mobile" app. With the app, you can specify a transfer schedule, and the camera will automatically send pictures to your cell phone.
  • The GardePro X50 features innovative and ultra-clear imaging technology, including lite video technology and smart night vision. The camera works with AT&T and T-Mobile cellular networks, and it comes with a SIM card included. Activating the camera is quick and easy with the app, and there are no activation fees.
  • You can program your camera via the app and send pictures directly to your cell phone. The camera can capture still photos up to 32MP and 1080P 30fps video clips with audio on the local camera. It also has a wide viewing angle of 70 degrees, clear night vision, and a flash range of 100ft.
  • The camera is equipped with 36 high-performance infrared no glow 940nm LEDs that function as a flash, making it invisible to the human eye. It also has two working modes, motion detection, and time-lapse, with a fast trigger time of approximately 0.1-0.6 seconds and a trigger distance of up to 90ft. The recovery time is less than 0.5 seconds.
  • The GardePro X50 also includes an info strip on each capture, indicating the date, time, temperature, moon phase, operation hours, loop recording, time-lapse, and password protection. Overall, the GardePro Cellular Trail Camera X50 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to capture high-quality footage with ease.


GardePro Wifi Trail Camera E8


  • The GardePro Wifi Trail Camera E8 is perfect for those who enjoy time-lapse photography and are passionate about capturing stunning images and videos. This camera is designed to pair easily with your smartphone via Bluetooth and WiFi, giving you direct access to your photos and videos using the GardePro Mobile App. You can even adjust the camera settings without having to remove the SD card.
  • One of the most notable features of the GardePro E8 is its real-time viewing capability. This allows you to see the area around you and any wildlife from a distance of up to 10-20ft/3-6m away with the best WiFi signal. This is particularly useful for staying safe and avoiding dangerous situations or for not startling wildlife.
  • The camera captures exceptionally clear 32-megapixel images and high-definition 1296p videos. The videos are compressed efficiently in H.264 MP4 format, with an average size of about 1 megabyte per second, making it easy to watch them without having to download them first. The MP4 video format is also widely compatible with various cell phones.
  • With the GardePro Mobile App, you can effortlessly manage your cameras with live view, settings adjustment, and media management. The camera also comes with a powerful external antenna that ensures a stable WiFi connection from up to 45ft away.
  • The GardePro E8 is designed to capture sharp and clear images day or night with advanced imaging technology and a high-quality optical lens. The camera's waterproof and dust-resistant housing makes it perfect for outdoor activities, while its compact and sturdy design ensures it can handle any situation.