3 Logos

While activating, when the 'GardePro Mobile' app displays 'Activating...,' please pay attention to the 3 logos in the top left corner of the camera screen.

Keep the camera screen on at all times

While activating, the camera will only search for a network when the camera screen is active. To ensure the screen remains on throughout the activation process, please tap the 'Down' key every minute. This prevents the screen from automatically turning off due to inactivity within 3 minutes. Alternatively, you can tap 'Menu,' select 'Motion test,' and position the camera facing a wall for over 30 minutes.

4G cellular icon displays a question mark

If the 4G logo area shows a '?,' it indicates that the camera is searching for a network. Please keep the camera screen on for at least 30 minutes until the 4G logo appears.

Restart the camera 2-3 times

If the 4G logo doesn't appear after 30 minutes, please turn the camera off and on three times.

Manually adjust the SIM card mode

If the 4G logo still displays '?' after three restarts, it means the camera cannot automatically select a 4G operator. You will need to manually adjust the SIM card mode. To do this, remove the SIM card from the camera and insert it into a mobile phone. Change the IMSI settings to match the local operators, as the available choices may vary by country.

Method 1:Select the Sim mode on your mobile phone

This method is applicable to all GardePro Cellular Trail Cameras in any country.For instructions on how to select the Sim Mode on your mobile phone, please consult the following link: [Insert Link: Set Sim Mode]

Please refer to the 'Sim Mode IR' link to determine the 4G network services available in different countries, which may vary based on local network conditions.

Method 2: Manual switching in the camera screen menu

This method is applicable only for European and Australian users. If your camera's Modem is EG915UEUABR03A01M08, and the S/W version is V6.2.95 (with the last two digits greater than 95), you can manually switch in the camera screen menu.

To check the camera version model, please consult the following link: [Insert Link: Check the Camera Version Model].

  1. Access the 'Advanced Setting' menu on the camera.
  2. Select 'SIM Services,' confirm your choice, and click the 'OK' button.
  3. Choose 'Select Mode,' and then select 'Manual.'

To determine the 4G network services available in different countries, which may vary based on local network conditions, please refer to the 'Sim Mode IR' link.

Send 4 pictures to customer service

If you have any question when activate the camera, please send us below 4 screenshots. The latter three photos can be seen in camera menu-cellular info.