GardePro Baby Monitor B3

GardePro Baby Monitor B3 is capable of connecting up to 4 cameras simultaneously. Parents can install cameras in different rooms or locations, providing a comprehensive monitoring solution for the entire family. Whether it's the nursery, plavroom, living room, or outdoor areas like the backvard, parents can watch over their multiple children from anywhere in the home.

  • Link Up to 4 Cameras
  • 3000ft/900m camera and display super long-distanceconnection

Sony Starvis sensor

The GardePro Baby Monitor B3 utilizes a Sony Starvis sensor, renowned for its exceptional sensitivity. This enables the camera to capture intricate details and deliver crystal-clear images even in low-light environments. With this feature, you can effortlessly monitor your baby, ensuring every detail is visible and clear, whether it's in a dimly lit room or during nighttime.

  • Super-high Sensitivity to Light at Night
  • Lower-noise Images in A Low-illuminance Environment

3000ft Full-House Coverage

With advanced Halow wireless transmission, GardePro Baby Monitor B3 ensures a 3000ft/900m signal range for seamless real-time video and playback. The powerful 900MHz signal guarantees smooth long-distance transmission. Operating on the cutting-edge 902-928 MHz range, GardePro Baby Monitor B3 provides crystal-clear video and audio feeds. Stay connected to your baby from anywhere in your home, whether you're in the living room, kitchen, or even outside.

  • 3000ft/900m open area
  • Strong penetration with 2 more walls

No WiFi Connection

The GardePro Baby Monitor B3 provides added peace of mind for you by operating independently from the internet, eliminating the risk of hacking or unauthorized access to video or audio sources. With no need for a WiFi connection, you can trust that your child's privacy and safety remain uncompromised.

  • No Wi-Fi Needed
  • No App Required
  • Encryption Algorithm
  • Everything is local.
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1 Year + 1 Year (GardePro Shop Exclusive Offer) WARRANTY

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